Meet the C.A.P. Lab

Kimberly Cuevas, Ph.D.

Dr. Cuevas


Dr. Cuevas (Ph.D. Rutgers University) is an associate professor of psychological sciences at the University of Connecticut and Director of the CAP Lab.  Her postdoctoral training (Virginia Tech) was in developmental cognitive neuroscience, with a focus on executive functions. Dr. Cuevas' research program examines the development of basic and higher-order cognitive processes throughout infancy and early childhood, including brain-behavior associations.  In addition to being a developmental scientist, she is a mother of two young girls and enjoys spending time with her children as she gets to witness "development in action" on a daily basis!

Kelsey Davinson

Kelsey Davinson

Graduate Student


Kelsey is a second-year graduate student at University of Connecticut.  Her research interests include the behavioral and neural bases of memory development. She moved to Connecticut from California and has fallen in love with the fall season. In her free time, she loves hiking and exploring with her dogs.

Karissa Lion

Karissa Lion

Research Assistant


Karissa is a senior undergraduate student at University of Connecticut. She is majoring in Biological Sciences with a minor in Spanish. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree, Karissa plans on continuing her education by attending medical school. She hopes to become a pediatrician and pursue family medicine.

Lauren Bryant, Ph.D.




Research Associate


Lauren is a former graduate student at University of Connecticut, earned a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology (2020).  Her doctoral dissertation focuses on executive functions and reward sensitivity during early childhood.  Lauren is currently a visiting assistant professor at the College of the Holy Cross.


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