Prospective Graduate Students

What are the fundamental building blocks of early cognition? Our lab is looking for enthusiastic, bright new graduate students who want to join us in investigating the development of basic and higher-order cognitive skills during infancy and early childhood. We use neuroscience and biopsychological perspectives, emphasizing cross-species connections.

Our primary research interests fall into three main themes:
(1) Experimental investigation of early learning and memory
(2) Longitudinal and individual difference analysis of emerging executive functions
(3) Neuroscience foundations of socio-cognitive development

Ideal candidates are students who are interested in studying cognition, working with children, and have research experience.  Students will be actively involved in all aspects of the research process from study

design and grant proposals to data collection, coding, analysis, and dissemination.  There are opportunities for students to contribute to ongoing projects and co-author research publications.  We attend and present our findings at regional, national, and international conferences each year (EPA, ISDP, ICIS, SRCD).

Dr. Cuevas will be considering new PhD students for entry into the Developmental Psychology graduate program in Fall 2020. If you are interested in joining our lab, please email Dr. Cuevas at

If you are interested in doctoral study in the field of Developmental Psychology in general or Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience in particular, please look at the UConn Developmental Psychology PhD program . Our program is committed to training students as research-oriented psychologists. Your graduate research in cognitive development will be complimented by a strong graduate training program.